DMV Cycling covers the cycling scene in the DC, Maryland, Virginia region.

Ours is a vibrant scene. We have races and events nearly every weekend of the year. Regardless of the weather–even in a blizzard–there is a ride…somewhere.

We live in a region rich with cycling culture, with myriad subcultures that spice the scene with unique colors and flavors. We have characters, and we have character.

Heavily-beaded cyclist stands in skeleton-patterned skinsuit, sunglasses, and helmet .

Is anyone more recognizable than Jonathan Seibold of Family Bike Shop in Crofton, MD? What stories will he share? (Credit: Sarah Seibold)

And that’s what DMV Cycling is all about.

We’re about stories. Your stories. We’ll tell them in podcasts. We’ll enhance them here at with words and images.

The Podcast

The DMV Cycling Podcast will break-out topics into sub -casts.

We’re going to start with Crosscasts–covering Cyclocross–and Trailcasts (covering the mountain bike scene).

We’ll bring in the Roadcasts and Tricasts as we evolve.

Our vision is to build a network of -casts that cover cycling across the DMV.

So, let’s share our stories. Let’s listen and learn. Let’s be inspired. Maybe we’ll decide to change a thing. Maybe we’ll decide to build a thing.

In the meantime, let’s get dirty. Elbows-deep. Let’s build this thing–DMV Cycling–and see where it goes.

We’ll share and enjoy.

We’ve got this.

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