Shot in 2016, this is a three-quarter profile headshot photo of a smiling Jeremy Powers, post-ride with a dirty face. (Photo Credit: Wil Matthews, courtesy of Aspire Racing)

Jeremy Powers, the thoughtful, driven, ebullient, four-time and current U.S. National Cyclocross Champion talks with us about rider development, paving a path, and what constitutes success.
(Photo Credit: Wil Matthews, courtesy of Aspire Racing)


When I contacted Jeremy about sitting down with me for the podcast, I thought deeply about our potential conversation. I wanted not to focus on his upcoming season. I’m not big cycling media. Let Velonews handle that.


Aspire Racing Logo (Courtesy Aspire Racing)

Jeremy’s Aspire Racing aims to be the first U.S.-registered cyclocross team. In 2016 Aspire added Ellen Noble–current U.S. Women’s U23 National Champion and JAM Fund Cycling alumna–to the squad.

Rather, I wanted to talk with him about rider development…clinics, camps…Jam Fund Cycling and his pivot into Aspire Racing.

And that’s what we did.


I caught up with Jeremy during a small time window just before his August Cross Camp in Washington, DC. (For some great photos, an entertaining video, and solid commentary, visit our friends at In The Crosshairs.)

Fulcrum Coaching‘s Dan Tille hosted us in his basement office (thanks, Dan!). We were visited upon by a few rug rats, who sought shenanigan permission. Jeremy and I dutifully displayed our parenting skills. Mercifully, no one got hurt while recording this podcast!


There’s more backstory to our conversation. To keep these show notes manageable, I’ll save that material for a supplementary blog post.


About Jeremy

What can I add to the column-inches already written about Jeremy Powers?

  • You already know that he’s a four-time and current U.S. National Cyclocross Champion.
  • You already know him as a new-media cyclocross ambassador.
    (Watch Behind the Barriers, Study The Book of Cross. Go! Now! We’ll wait!)
  • You already know that he is committed to developing young riders through Jam Fund Cycling and other initiatives.
  • You already know that his ebullient personality wins fans on both side of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

So, what is it that you may not know about Jeremy Powers?

That he’s a mensch.

Mensch (Yiddish: מענטשmentsh, cognate with the German word Mensch meaning a “human being”) means “a person of integrity and honor”.



As you listen to this podcast, I invite you to consider those words.


Show Notes

2:08 – The Pina Colada Song
3:30 – DC Cross Camp
5:00 – 2012 Tacchino CX
8:15 – Helping people…it’s a part of who he is
10:10 – That ADD moment
11:00 – JAM Fund Cycling (Part I)
12:55 – Killer with empathy…zen warrior…no pedestal…mensch…
15:50 – JAM Fun Cycling (Part II)
20:55 – Invaded!
22:00 – Nourish, Balance, Thrive shout-out “insanely hard to make it”
25:00 – BYC shout-out!
26:00 – JAM Fund wants enthusiasm
27:40 – Grand FUNdo…adding value
31:10 – DC heat index!
32:20 – Regional/International development differences
33:10 – Jim Brown shout-out! RAD Racing
36:40 – Mental strength (building on foundation of Mom and Dad)
41:00 – Power of visualization
42:00 – “Were you always at 110%?”
44:00 – Aspire Racing
46:25 – JAM Fun alumni and defining success?
47:20 – Stephen Hyde
49:00 – Ellen Noble
52:00 – Success
53:30 – Legacy


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