Charlie Turner of the Patapsco Misfits rides his mountain bike across a dusty trail splitting a meadow.

Charlie Turner of the Patapsco Misfits focuses his thousand-yard stare, as he rolls along the dirty and dusty trails he loves.

Our first Trailcast features Charlie Turner, one of the myriad characters you might run into on the trails in our region. He’s far less creepy than the violin guy, and he’s much friendlier than the witch in the ’58 Chevy.

His rider group–the Patapsco Misfits–are stewards and ambassadors for the trails threading the Patapsco Valley.

As “a man of a certain age”, Charlie has a long-term perspective on riding, on the trails, and on riding with meaning. We talk about all of this during the episode, while dropping names, admiring MORE for all they do,  and appreciating the richness of the Patapsco Valley.

Keep your eyes open for Misfit rides that introduce riders to the wonders of the Patapsco trails!

Show Notes

Charlie Turner keeps his eyes forward during the 2016 Patapsco Trail Fest.

Charlie Turner rides enduro, 2016 Patapsco Trail Fest.

2:20 – Who are the Misfits?
6:20 – “A rider group…”
9:15 – “A higher responsibility”
10:40 – Trail work evolved to become a regular thing
12:00 – “What we need are more organized rides in the valley.”
13:00 – Wayback: twenty years of riding in the valley…
14:50 – The hybrid that was “crushingly not good”
16:15 – “You’re a bunch of older guys…” And changes from 20 years ago
19:00 – Ambassadors and advocates… M.O.R.E reference
20:15 – A rider group who does stuff (ride leaders)
23:30 – “What richness we have here” (Patapsco Valley)
26:40 – Riding the trails before GPS…before organized Epic rides…before it was all connected…and a “Poz” reference.
31:45 – Has the scene/culture changed in the past 20 years?
32:45 – Road culture, MTB culture. They’re not the same.
36:30 – Leading rides, sharing knowledge of the trails, and venturing away from Avalon. And an Ed Dixon name-drop.
44:00 – Patapsco in context with riding out West…Oregon and Sedona.
49:35 – Polishing the gem…trail building, trail maintenance, and credit to the organizers and leaders. And a Ken Lohr name-drop.
51:30 – The other users…trail runners, equestrian…forging partnerships to pool resources to nurture shared resources.
55:50 – Trail Fest. Aspiration to launch DMV Cycling prior to the event (oops!) and to talk to the MORE folks. And acknowledgement of the perfectly awful timeline overlap of the Ellicott City flood and launching this podcast…
57:45 – What is the future state of Patapsco? The future’s so bright, I gotta wear my shades.

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2 comments on “Episode 6, Trailcast 1 – Charlie Turner (Patapsco Misfits)

  1. Tommy Roland Oct 27, 2016

    A well deserved tribute to CT and the rest of you Misfits! Congrats!

  2. Bill Munch Oct 27, 2016

    Hello from Long Island Ray, Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your podcast very much. I enjoyed the content, and I also enjoyed how you guided the conversation and facilitated a silky smooth flow.

    Thanks for being a great cycling advocate & ambassador!!!

    Bill Munch

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