Tomi McMillar captured a dirty, happy Jon Posner after Maximus, ’16 in Michaux. (Photo courtesy Tom Miller, adapted with Prisma iPhone App)
Jon Posner doing his thing somewhere in the Patapsco. Why hop over someone? Why not?

Jon Posner doing his thing somewhere in the Patapsco. Why hop over someone? Why not?

“The Poz.”


Jonathan Posner has a few nicknames, all of which are printable. He’s a well-respected man about town, doing his best thing with an inimitable personal style.  See for yourself:


haha that grunty oomph sound #logridefail #obeygravity #racepacemtb

A video posted by jonathan posner (@mtbpozz) on


Well, this may be a better representation of The Poz at play:


A video posted by jonathan posner (@mtbpozz) on


Since the day he decided to be “a full-blown mountain bike racer”, Jon has lived the life of an enthusiast’s enthusiast. He’s crafted a career and a carved a lifestyle that enables him to enjoy the thing he loves with the people he adores.

We should all be so committed and fortunate.

From junior racing to planning epics, Jon’s got his fingers in many different slices of the cycling pie. Join us as we get to know Jon a little better.

Thanks to Tomi McMillar for the use of the profile photo!

Show Notes

0:40 – Pressing “record”
3:15 – Introducing Poz: “I was wrong about you.”
7:06 – A fun passion to share with people…
11:00 – “Quick smoking cigarettes…and decided to be full-blown mountain bike racers…”
12:55 – Trek / VW and moving up the ladder
18:00 – Tragedy…and moving forward
19:00 – A trail in memory of…Adopting a Trail in Patapsco
21:50 – Bike commute 18 miles…on the trails…
22:35 – “The flicking thing”
27:30 – Paying it forward through trail work
31:50 – Riding’s a full-family affair…Tracy kills it
33:10 – Fairytale story…how they met…
35:30 – Baltimore Youth Cycling
39:10 – National Interscholastic Cycling Association – MTB for schools? Why don’t we have one?
46:50 – Confidence unlocks higher levels of riding…less about moves than about thought processes
51:20 – Daniel Coyle: Talent is groomed…
52:55 – Poz on video…not being afraid to fail…and bike porn
55:20 – Our local is way better than most people’s local
56:25 – Where to ride…
58:00 – What’s your favorite kind of riding?
1:00:45 – Patapsco 100
1:02:05 – Race Pace…
1:07:20 – What’s next?
1:08:15 – Breck Epic
1:09:15 – That Pittsburgh Ride: “Poz will boil my water.”

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